Public Zotero Roadmap?

I have been using (and loving) Zotero almost since its very inception. It is one of my favorite examples of open source software development, where a small group of amazingly talented and (mostly) volunteer developers have been able to keep this effort going and improving with limited resources. For those who may not know - please take a look here to see the enormous contribution made by Dan Stillman and a (remarkably few) selected others.

I also genuinely appreciate all of the user feedback these developers really have been taking into account over the years - through the forums, the debug reports, the github issues, etc. But I still regret not being able to 'see' a public roadmap (and I presume they must have one) or to be able to provide feedback to it. And yes, user input into software development has its downsides (see here). But I'd still submit this community is quite sui generis. Certainly (for better and for worse) above-average in terms of educational attaintment. 

I think very few of us want to mess with a 'winning' team and/or governance structure. I, for one, am more than happy to let the k-group (Schelling) take the key decisions as benevolent oligocrats. But it does seem to me that more transparency and more bottum-up inputs into their decision-making might still help them in making the 'right' decisions. 

So maybe I underestimate some sound reasons NOT to share a public roadmap. But I'd still like to hear them - and I suspect I am not the only one... 


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