How do you keep track of references to other items?

Hello! Sorry for the vague title question, I'm not sure of the correct way to talk about this.

Right now I'm reading a lot of papers and research in a some what narrow field. The same names keep popping up. Sometimes I follow up on a reference, or many references, to get more information. What I would like to do is establish some kind of hierarchy, a 'this paper references that paper', to make it easier for me to come back to a topic or notice an important link. It would be ideal if I could also visualize this information.

I understand scraping references from a PDF or the like is difficult and does not lend well to automation, which is fine. I also know that I can use the 'Related' field but I'd also like to be able to separate items that are related by topic and ones that are related by citation.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • For “related by topic”, I would suggest using tags. Then use “related” for citing items.
  • Thank you.

    I'm interested in being able to discern which item references which and the symmetrical nature of "related" doesn't seem to help with that. Is this something that you do with your research, and if so would you walk me through your work-flow?
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