Translators Issue (Zotero Connector)

I have never had issues (at least consistent ones) with Zotero Connector before, but after switching back to an older laptop suddenly everything has been saving as "Web Page with Snapshot." I have made sure both the Connector and my desktop Zotero are updated and have followed the instructions here ( and on the other, similar threads to no avail. I have attempted to reset translators in my extensions as well.

As per the instructions on the above thread:

1. Here is a book I am trying to save to my Zotero Library from Worldcat:

2. Debug ID from save attempt: D137093882

3. Saving to My Library

4. Web Page with Snapshot

This occurs with websites that should have no problem including Worldcat (above) and my university's library catalogue.

  • A Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for a save attempt or, if you're only getting a webpage icon, for loading the page.
    (But do make sure you've tried everything there, including resetting translators in Zotero itself before resetting them in the Zotero Connector. The full set of translators doesn't seem to be loading for you, and there's really very little else we can suggest that's not on that page.)
  • Thanks! I tried again to reset the translators in Zotero itself and then went through the same process again with the Connector and now things seem to be working.
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