Sending Zotero group invitations to a mailing list

I have a large group of people (~ 70) who need to join a new Zotero group I have created. Not all (let say most) of them have Zotero accounts. Is it possible to create an invitation URL that I can send to a mailing list that contains those individuals? I am having to ask them to create Zotero accounts, then I have to first search and then invite each one as I get emails telling me their Zotero IDs. This is tedious.
  • The group settings have a "Members Settings" page with a link at the bottom to "Send More Invitations".
    You can use that to send invitations to a comma separated list of email addresses.
  • Hi, is it possible to invite the all people in a mail list without writing each email separately?
  • The idea of an invitation URL would be a fantastic time saver, in the last five years has this happened?
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