Need help to adjust Citation:

Hey community,

i am currently tryin' to get this exact style:

Name, Year, S. x

When the source of the quote is from two consecutive pages, an “f” is placed behind the page number. If the source of the quote spans more than two sides “ff”

Examples for the creation of a bibliography:
Meier, W. (2015): Wie schreibe ich die perfekte Hausarbeit? In: Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten, 20 (6), S. 15-30.
Book (Monograph):
Meier, W. (2015): Wie schreibe ich die perfekte Hausarbeit? Ein Ratgeber für Studierende aller Fächer. Bremen: Buchverlag.
Article in an anthology:
Meier, W. (2015): Wie schreibe ich die perfekte Hausarbeit? In: Jansen, L. & Müller, N. (Hrsg.) Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten für Studierende. Bremen: Buchverlag, p. 15-30.

I tried to adjust it on my own, but somehow the et al. changes did not work out.

Can anyone relate or help?
  • What exactly is this for? (FWIW, Zotero doesn't support f/ff -- and using ff is widely discouraged, including in Germany -- but you can do that by writing it in to the page field in the word processor add-on).
  • University. Innovation Economics, more precisely.

    Your subject, Adam. It's about public intervention to accelerate the emergence of disruptive innovations.

    I worked out how to adjust this part "Name, Year, S. x". But I'm still struggling with the bibliography.

    I used "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie" as foundation.
  • It did not work, actually.
  • You'll need to be more specific. What didn't work?

    It's also helpful if you share the edited code of the style you're currently using. You can utilise tools like this and share the link:

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