Modify Citation Style

In English , the author write like this (A. Ali), First name as litter , But In Arabic , It write with full name like (Ahmed Ali).

So I need to let style make short first name with English but not with Arabic.

Is there a way to modify citation style?
  • What determines the format of the author? The language of the work cited?
  • @adamsmith

    The problem is :
    - I am using Arabic Language , And I have Arabic and English References .
    - Others Researcher wrote in Arabic, As "واخرون" .
    - Vol , Wrote in Arabic , As "عدد" .

    This is the example Cited:
    Fawzy Mahmoud Salama وآخرون, "Vegetation Analysis and Species Diversity in the Desert Ecosystem of Coastal Wadis of South Sinai, Egypt" 3, عدد 2 (د.ت): 14.
  • @Abualgeth : You cannot use individual rule for different language in one style template.
  • @LiborA I think , It is not possible to do that, I read some notes in this , But I didn't have enough experience with programming to do it.
  • @adamsmith , @LiborA and Others:

    Does it possible to Add choice "As Referances language" to : Zotero Performance, Style language.
    For example, When I add citation in word, I can use Arabic, or English, or As References language.
    The third option will get references language from the field "language" in the zotero items' detatil.
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