Add scite information (supporting, contradicting, mentioning cites)


My name is Josh and I am the co-founder of a new platform called scite ( scite allows anyone to automatically identify if a scientific paper has been supported or contradicted. We do this by ingesting millions of scientific articles, extracting the citation context, and then applying our deep learning model to identify citations as supporting, contradicting, or simply mentioning.

I wanted to see if we could add this information to Zotero so that users could scite before they cite ( Our number two feature request has been for users to upload their drafts to make sure what they are citing is reliable. I believe integrating with citation managers, like Zotero, would actually be a better implementation.

You can see a recent integration with Scholarcy ( as well as a plugin, which we are about to release (

Hopefully this is the right place to bring this up.

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