Style Request [The Cancer Journal]

Hi, I cannot find the style for The Cancer Journal: The Journal of Principles & Practice of Oncology. Could you help me create a style for it?

Online Style Documentation Link:
ISSN: 1528-9117

In Text Citation:
Superscript (number in order they are found in the text. If multiple are cited a long dash is between them, e.g., 4-6)

Campbell JL, Pedersen OK. The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comparative Political Studies (City State) 2007;40:307-332.

Mares, I. Firms and the welfare state: when, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? In: Hall PA, Soskice D, eds. Varieties of Capitalism. The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001: 184-213.

Link to an article:

Thank you!
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