Column order reset when restarting Zotero

I wish to have the "Has-attachment" column as the first column to display within Zotero (v5.0.67, on Win 10).

I can drag this column into position when I run Zotero. But when I close (using the "X" button in the top right) and re-launch Zotero, the columns have reverted to their default position, as if I'd clicked "Restore column order".

How can I fix the order of columns, so it's the same whenever I launch Zotero?

  • As long as you're closing Zotero normally, that should persist.

    Are other preference changes persisted after restarting Zotero?
  • All other preference changes appear to persist after a restart.
  • That's odd, but you can try closing Zotero, going to your Zotero profile directory, opening prefs.js in a text editor (e.g., Notepad), and deleting the line containing extensions.zotero.pane.persist.
  • Columns are now remembering their positions – thank you!
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