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Dear everyone,

Recently I have made a translation for the Zotero Quick Start Guide in Vietnamese ( However, I don't know how to contribute my translation to that page. I have made an account for free on Transifex and try the button "Join the team" but I have no request confirm back and I don't know how to use it for contributing my translation.

Can anyone help me with my trouble?

Thank you in advance

Minh-Quan Tong
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    The documentation wiki and Transifex don’t have anything to do with each other. It looks like Vietnamese isn’t currently enabled as a translation for the wiki. Otherwise, you would be able to access the empty translation page at

    @dstillman Is it possible to add a language to the wiki translation list?
  • @bwiernik So as far as I can understand, Zotero can change the interface language defaults into different languages, in my case I can change English to Vietnamese for my using purpose. However, Vietnamese is not available in the documentation wiki.

    It seems like I can use Zotero software in Vietnamese but I have no documents in Vietnamese to read, instead, I have to read by other languages.

    Can I suggest building Vietnamese document wiki? There are many Vietnamese people using Zotero every day so I suppose it won't be hard for us to contribute/translate documents into our own language.

    Thanks in advance.
  • There is some concern about the multi-lingual documentation wiki: As Zotero changes, the non-English pages are frequently outdated and provide incorrect information. Zotero devs can monitor and update the English wiki, but that's just not possible for the many other languages in the Wiki, so most users are generally better off using the English wiki, even if that means running it through google translate, than to rely on one in their own language.

    (The interface translation are a much smaller job and the worst that happens if they aren't updated for a new string is that the interface falls back to English)
  • Thank you for your answer
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