reorganization of the structure in Zotero

Hi! I have a question about the way I can reorganize my references inside a Zotero structure. Let's say I have 3 collections in Zotero, called A, B and C. Let's say that I want to create a new collection, let's be creative and call it D. The collection D will contain some references from the root (which are not present in any collections yet) as well as some references, which I want to MOVE (not copy) from one of the existing collections (A, B or C).
To this purpose, I make a specific search (I usually search for the first author), Zotero will find the reference but doesn't tell me where it is currently placed. It would be important for me to know it because if the reference found is in the root, I must COPY it in the new collection D but if it is present in one of the other collections (A, B or C), I must MOVE the reference.

So now my question: after a search, how do I know if I have to copy (from root) or move (from A, B or C) into collection D?

  • Too easy to be true. Thank you!
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    Built on the previous question, I would have a second question or perhaps rather an idea on how to improve zotero.
    After a fast search in my database, I get a list of references and I can see with the CTRL key in which collection(s) they are present. Now, if one reference is not in the right collection, I cannot MOVE it (from the search results) to a new one, I can only make a copy. If I want to move such a reference, I need to click on the collection where it is present and from there move it manually to the new collection. Then I must repeat the search and repeat the whole process for each reference I want to move.
    It would be much less hassle if I'd be able to move a reference from the search results window. Is there a way and if not, would it be possible to implement that?
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    To move items between collections, hold down Cmd (Mac) or Shift (Windows/Linux) when dragging items to the new collection. Remember that the “My Library” view always shows all items in your library, so you cannot “move” items out of this view. To see only items that do not belong to any collection in your library, open the Unfiled Items special collection.
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    Thank you for your reply adamsmith but I am not trying to move something from My Library to a collection. I will try to explain with a more precise example:

    I have 3 collections in "My Library" called A, B and C.
    I do a search with the word "adamsmith" in "My Library" and get a list of 20 references containing this word.
    Adamsmith-containing references must logically belong to the collection "A" but some references found in the search are erroneously placed in the collection B or C (I can see it by pressing the CTRL key).
    So I want to move them back to collection A.
    However, if I try to move a reference from the result list of the search (the 20 references) to collection A, I cannot move the reference, only copy it. To move it, I must go the collection B or C (thus leaving the search results list), where the reference is placed, and move it to collection A.
    Then I have to repeat the search again, get my 20 references again, look again where adamsmith-containing references are placed and move them one by one if they are not in collection A. I must repeat the process for each ill-placed reference!!
    It would be easier if I could move the references into the correct collection directly from the results search list.
  • Ah, I misunderstoo. I'm afraid that doesn't work logically since items can be in multiple collections -- it's unclear what "move" actually means if you're not already looking at an item in a specific collection.
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