User Profiles and Plugins

How to insure that plugins (Firefox and WinWord) for each new user that logs into a computer for the first time? Would the following allow for that:

Or is there another technique?

Or impossible?
If impossible, it means that Zotero is difficult for users on an enterprise level.

  • No special setup for Word required. For the Zotero Connector you would need to do multiple profiles setup only if multiple users log in (without logging off, just switching users) on the same computer at the same time.
  • Sorry, I do not understand you. We have a campus of 4K users and there is no profile until a user logs into a particular workstation for the first time, so is there a way to install Zotero so Connectors can be in some shared directory rather than a particular profile? Also, from what I have seen, Word plugin is only installed for the user who has installed it. I have consistently have had to use the Zotero Destop=>Edit=>Preferences=>Cite=>Word Processors=>'Reinstall Microsoft Word Add-in' functionality for every user who has called me over. Thanks.
  • [disclaimer: Adomas develops for Zotero; I don't]

    For Word, if you can include Zotero.dotm in the Word Startup folder, that'd do the same that the reinstall button does.

    This should work automatically on first-run on Zotero, but if it doesn't, that's the way to go.

    For the connector -- I may be misunderstanding, but that's a Firefox add-on like any other, so you'd use the enterprise install methods for Firefox add-ons. Mozilla has documentation here:
  • Thank you, Adam.

    So, this:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zotero\extensions\\install\Zotero.dotm

    which would usually gets copied during installation/reinstall here (for me):

    Would be installed where?

  • I don't think we'd know the answer here -- I'd try to investigate what happens when you first run Zotero in a new project, specifically why the Word add-on isn't installed. This is supposed to happen automatically and does for me in our Enterprise-managed roaming profiles at work.
  • Just to be clear, since all workstations are setup with LDAP, there is no specific profile for any user until that user logs into that particular workstation for the first time, so I guess the question(s) are: can we generalize the locations of the WinWord template and broswer connectors?

  • For browser connectors, follow the Firefox enterprise instructions adamsmith linked to above:

    For the Word template, there is no way to set a global template store for all users. Instead, the recommended procedure is to add a script to the user profile setup process that copies the template from a global store (i.e., from C:\Program Files (x86)\Zotero\extensions\\install\Zotero.dotm) to the user's personal Word startup folder when the profile is created. This is discussed in more detail here:
  • Thank you!
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