Style Request: [Acta Chiropterologica]

Hi, I am looking for the reference style for Acta Chiropterologica.

I am attaching the journal's author instruction page here

A freely available sample article for the journal is here

The expected format is below

References in the text should be cited chronologically, e.g., Hill and Koopman (1981), Tupinier (1989), Koopman (1993, 1994); dealing with two authors use ‘and’ as a connecting word; for references with more than two authors use the form ‘et al.’. References in the Literature Cited section should be listed alphabetically with book and journal titles given in full. Use small letters a...z to indicate references published by the same author/authors within one year. For papers published using an alphabet other than Latin but having a summary, title, or abstract in Latin alphabet, cite this ‘original’ translation. If there is no such translation, use an English translation in brackets [ ] with an indication of the original language.

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