Any idea how to import bibliographic data from Dimensions (https://www.dimensions.ai/) into Zotero?
There is only export to xlsx and csv file, sp I guess the question transforms to how to convert that into something that Zotero will recognize and import?
  • Both for an individual items (at the top right under "Export Citation") and from ReadCube (if you use the "Add to Library" function in Dimensions) you can select RIS, which imports nicely (and automatically) into Zotero when you download it.

    We can look at writing import for Dimensions via the regular Save to Zotero button -- last time I looked that wasn't possible, but it looks like they've done quite a bit of work, so may well be possible now.

  • Any news on this? This is starting to me my preferred database because the data appear to be so 'clean' AND it also has the references (useful for bibliometric work). So a translator would be quite handy for many people, I suspect
  • Whow, although import by RIS works great, this is definitely needed! I just came across dimensions.ai and readcube (which appears to have bought the 'Papers' app), and this is almost looking like heaven for discovering literature on a specific field!
    The only drawback is that the papers app is now pay as you go, which might work when actively working/studying, but would be a hassle if you need your data a year after.
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