Storage plans: 10Gb > 25Gb is too big a step

I've exceeded my storage quotum of 10Gb. Now I'm facing the choice whether I go for webdav or whether I have to purchase 25Gb storage. I would be happier with a storage plan in between — say 15Gb. It has taken me quite some time to get from 8Gb to 10Gb, so I feel like I would be overpaying if I purchased the 25Gb plan now.
  • Any response on this?
  • It seems sensible to me to add a 15 GB option. Is there any reason not to do that?
  • Mark - have you tried sending an e-mail? There is an e-mail address here:
    since you're a paying customer I think you can expect a reply (at least I'd hope so).
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    I did send an e-mail to along with posting here five days ago, and have heard nothing back yet.

    (To be clear, I posted here, too, because I think the issue is of potential interest to more people than just me.)
  • For the benefit of everyone interested, let me note that I heard back from Sean Takats, who emailed me the following response:
    We're always looking into ways to expand our storage offerings, and we'll take your suggestion under advisement. I'll let you know if we have any changes to announce.
  • Hi all,

    I have just looked into storage pricing (because I need to renew my storage plan soon), and I wonder whether the pricing could not be updated to be a bit more in sync with emerging storage needs and what other storage options ask for.
    The step from 6GB to unlimited does not make a lot of sense in my view, and the 6 GB seem to me to be too expensive.
    120 for unlimited continues to be a very good price.
    But it would make more sense in my view to offer something like 20 GB for 60 USD.
  • Hi all,
    I would like to repeat my question above regarding storage pricing. I really do think that different storage options would be helpful.
  • I don't think it makes sense to compare Zotero to other storage providers. Dropbox doesn't organize your references. Mendeley charges 55$ for 5GB, 110$ for 10GB, and 165 for unlimited, so Zotero's 6GB is competitively priced (and includes much more generous group solutions within those prices -- though I don't quite understand Mendeley's group pricing anymore).
  • my point is not so much that it is too expensive, but that there is a slightly strange logic to the pricing. I would expect that pricing per GB gets progressively cheaper per GB and that there are more interim pricing points. Instead we have: a tripling of price for three times the storage with the jump from 2GB/20 to 6GB/60 followed by the unlimited option, with nothing in between.
    Whereas I think it would make more sense (and it would be more in line how storage pricing works for other companies) to offer 2GB/20, then say 6GB/50, 15GB 90 and then unlimited for 120.
    See also the beginning of this thread, which addresses similar points.
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    For reference, since I started this thread 9 years ago: my library has grown quite consistently by about ~20 items a week in the intervening period, and I went over the 25Gb I paid for since 2010 only just recently (of course I've been on 'unlimited' for years now). Given the renewed comments above by others, one or more intermediate price points around 12 or 18Gb might still make sense.
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