Tagging Multiple Items (Still)

Hi, I've read through the forums but still can't add a tag to multiple items. The problem seems to be in selecting multiple items at once. I'm not sure how to do that. Also, does this work only online or using desktop Zotero (I have a Mac)? Thanks--I'm just getting used to Zotero!
  • This is in the desktop version. You select multiple items the same way you select multiple anything on the Mac (e.g., files in Finder) — Cmd-click to select individual items or Shift-click to select a range. Then drag those to a tag in the bottom left. (If a tag doesn't yet exist, you'll need to add it on one item first.)
  • Great, thank you!!
  • Thanks! helped me as well.
    (Not very intuitive, they should improve it.)
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