Windows 10 S - I'll go first...

Is Zotero going to work on the just announced Windows 10 S?

I believe only apps from the Windows Store will work on the new version of the OS.
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    Zotero is not in Store yet, maybe some new version. So the answer is No for this time, but Windows 10 S are still not in the market. This version of Windows OS is only announced yet.
  • I don't think Zotero will or should rush to the Windows App store, so initially the anwer is almost certainly no. Eventually it's going to be a mix of demand for a Windows S version and the requirements of the app store.
  • Unfortunately, Windows 10 S are primarily targeted on the education sector. But I agree
    I don't think Zotero will or should rush to the Windows App store
  • *If* Windows S does take off, and given the education focus, and cheap range of Windows S education laptops that were launched today starting at $189, then it's *possible* there will be a large market and demand (especially as MacBooks are increasingly expensive).

    Perhaps with the upcoming version of Zotero on the Electron platform a Windows app store version might be possible?

    Zotero has been very good to me these last ten years. No lost data or issues over multiple OS's (Window, Linux, and Mac). I sometimes experiment with other bibliography databases, but never make the switch. I hope you can get it onto Windows S.
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    I can only second that! It would be great to have Zotero in the Windows Store via the Centennial Desktop App Converter.

    Besides Opera browser and Microsoft Office (which will be in the store soon), Zotero is the only traditional Win32 application I am currently using. I would consider to buy one of those affordable chromebook-like laptops with pen input as a second device for university but I really rely on Zotero for my work...
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    To me, the biggest benefit for being in the app store would be updates. Right now, Zotero would ask me to update when launching the app, sometimes, that's not the best time. Store apps can be updated automatically when I'm not using the computer.
  • Yes, I agree with the previous post about updates. Very often they come at the most unsuitable moment. Plus, strange things happen with the computer. I don't like when this happens while editing documents. I'm always afraid that I will lose something.
  • Hi everyone.
    I got a new surface go with Windows 10 S. It's great to take notes and annotate PDF, but...I can't find Zotero on Windows store.
    That's a shame, because I don't really need to switch out of S mode. Is there a way? a workaround? or a plan to load zotero on the store?
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