Zotero becoming sluggish

When I am either editing or adding citation in MS Word (Mac v16, 365 Subscription) Zotero is taking a long time to update the document.

I takes up to 2 minutes to complete the process per citation.
  • How many citations are in the document? Have you tried with "Automatically update citations" disabled in the plugin's document preferences.
  • @dstillman I have currently 185 citations, in a 94 page document.

    I will try the option you mentioned, what are the impacts of disabling this setting?
  • No change with Automatic update turned off.
  • How about with the Zotero beta?

    If that's slow too, can you provide a Debug ID from that for an operation that's slow?
  • Debug ID: D1233703586
  • That's not from the beta.
  • Sorry I missed that part... of your post. I will have to wait to install that since I am working on a time sensitive project that I only have a few hours left to work on this phase.
  • For the moment, you can insert citations in another document and copy them into your current one, and then Refresh at the end.
  • The beta looks to be a tad faster.
  • edited May 19, 2019
    Hi @dstillman

    Even running the newest beta 5.0.67-beta.12+6ba6028ed, I am experiencing super slow create new citation (with auto update citations turned off)

    It took 3 Minutes to add a citation. Here is the debug id: D1920182448
  • The initial citation insert after starting Zotero can still take a while in a large document, since Zotero needs to scan the document for fields, and unfortunately that can be quite slow in Mac Word in particular. Subsequent inserts with "Automatic citation updates" should be much faster as long as you have "Automatic citation updates" disabled. Can you confirm that that's the case?
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