style corrections - Chicago (author-date)

I've noticed two issues with the Chicago Manual of Style (author-date) citation style.

First, per the CMS, the bibliography is supposed to be fully alphabetized. It currently divides references into (at least?) two separate alphabetized lists.

Second, the date for newspapers and magazines is missing the year.

In the past, I would have updated this myself, but I am a bit rusty when it comes to uploading style corrections.

cc: @fbennett this also applies to the JM Taylor & Francis - Chicago Manual of Style , which is how I discovered it.
  • This is for the 17th edition style? I'm seeing neither of these.

    In the 16th edition, the year isn't repeated for Newspapers, so that's by design, but in the 17th edition it is and I'm seeing it.

    Both styles are sorted by
    author, then date, then title.
  • Ah. This is my error. It seems that the version of Chicago (author-date) included with Juris-M is not the most recent version. Sorry for the confusion!
  • Frank would need to speak to that.
    I would assume the sorting is related to Juris-m; the styles have never indicated anything other than the current sorting.
  • @liam.mchugh.russell Thanks for flagging this, I'll update the standard styles.

    While I have you, could I ask you to try out a new workflow I'm trying out for style testing? If you join the public group JM Style Tests, you should be able to create a collection "chicago-author-date." If you drop a newspaper item there (and anything else that needs checking), I can build a standard test for it, to be sure that behavior of the JM version of the style is aligned as well.
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