Accessing Zotero from any computer?

I have been trying to figure out how or if I can access my files in Zotero from any of my computers from any location. As in on the road or working on projects away fro my home.
  • Assuming you have file syncing enabled and enough storage, the answer for "on any of my computers" is definitely yes:

    The answer to "on any computer" is a qualified yes. If you don't want to sync to a computer (e.g. a public computer or a friend's computer, or you're just in a rush), you can still access your file through the Zotero website, but the functionality is reduced.
  • I'll certainly take a look at the address you sent, thanks and God Bless.
  • Sir, I went and looked, I have been on this web page before and have spent numerous amount of time there. I cannot figure out why I, myself cannot access the screen that I am viewing in the instructions. I have none of the choices offered to go to the areas I need to set up syncing on. What am I doing wrong? Before you ask yes I am signed into Zotero. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • @keith.fellers Just to be sure, have you installed the Zotero program on your computer?
  • Hi,
    you could also sync the entire zotero folder (usually located under firefox) using dropbox, for instance. Then you call/ link the zotero.sqlite from the other computer
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    The Zotero data folder should not be placed in Dropbox, because the zotero.sqlite database file can be corrupted if it is accessed by more than one instance of Zotero (even at different times). The data folder should be on a local drive, and Zotero sync used to share the content with other computers or accounts.
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