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I am importing from a journal (regular articles) and also book sections which are part of special publications (edited volumes in a separate series at the same publisher).

In both cases the page numbers are not importing with the browser connector. I am wondering if this is part of the Zotero software, or if this is because the publisher is not putting this field of metadata in the places where the the zotero connector can detect it. If this is an issue with the publisher then I can take that up with the publisher personally, but I am not sure where to look. Any pointers (including documentation) would be appreciated.

Here is a link to a journal item:::
Here is a link to a book section item:

Note on the book section item that it also gets imported as a book and that the editors are not imported.
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    The embedded metadata in the webpage header doesn't provide pagination in a form that is useful to Zotero. For the journal article the beginning and ending pages are omitted but the other metadata items are there. The book section header metadata tags have additional omissions. In both cases it is conceivable that full metadata might be obtained because there exists a "DCTERMS.bibliographicCitation" tag with bibliographic information presented as though it was an entry in a reference list. Unfortunately, this is done inconsistently across book records. I looked at other catalog entries and the citation-information tag does not present the bibliographic metadata in the same style — punctuation and order of items is inconsistent across the records. Thus, parsing or scraping the metadata from this header tag (or from the webpage itself) would likely provide unreliable results.

    If you have influence with the record keeper they might be able to add the necessary tags to the page headers.
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