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Dear all,

I am confused about the storage of my files on the server.

I have both a subscription for 2Gig, as well as the possibility at my institute to use WebDAV. I am now exceeding my personal 2Gig limit, but have virtually unlimited space at the institute's WebDAV server.

However, when using the WebDAV server I have the same problem that my space limit is exceeded. I am wondering if I am not understanding Zotero's synching/storage. Does Zotero not store my documents in the WebDAV server after all?

I hope someone can explain!
Best wishes,
  • For file attachments in "My Library", you can choose between a webDAV service and Zotero storage. You need to set up the webDAV sync in the Zotero preferences. Even when using webDAV, Zotero won't automatically remove already synced files in its own storage -- you can use the "Purge Storage" option for this (and only this) purpose: https://www.zotero.org/settings/storage

    Any attachments in group libraries will always and only sync to Zotero storage at this time.
  • Dear Adam, Thank you!

    To be clear, I just switched again to webdav, unable to sync fully. Can I purge without losing my library? Will there be a backup in case I screw this up?

  • Purge only purges attachments, but what's the exact error message you're getting? If you're getting an "out of storage" message while syncing to webDAV it either refers to a group library or that's a message your webDAV provider sends.
  • The exact error message during syncing is:
    The group 'Equipe_Navarro' has reached its Zotero File Storage quota. Some files were not uploaded. Other Zotero data will continue to sync to the server.

    The group owner can increase the group's storage capacity from the storage settings section on zotero.org.
    I would like to keep my attachments in the final repository on the WebDAV. If those are found on the local computers they will be uploaded again?
  • Right, the message refers to a group -- not sure if you're the owner of that group (otherwise you'd have to contact them), but again, group attachments are always on Zotero; you can't store them on webDAV.

    So yes, I'd do purge storage to make sure your personal library doesn't use up any space on Zotero storage. But if you have more than 2GB in group attachments for groups you own _or_ if you're a member of a group owned by someone else who is out of storage, webDAV won't help.
  • Ah yes, I own the group. We have an academic group of about 7 people. So the only way to allow the attachments is to increase my (owner's) Zotero account to e.g. 6G or unlimited?
  • As per above -- check on https://www.zotero.org/settings/storage what you're actually using storage for. If part of it is for your personal library, purge Zotero storage there to increase what's available for the group. If you have more than 2GB of attachments for the combined groups you own, purchasing more storage is the only way to share attachments in those groups, correct.
  • Thank you, it is clear now.
  • @adamsmith Can we also sync files for group library through webDAV?
  • No, for technical reasons, group storage is only possible using Zotero File Storage.
  • @bwiernik Do we have other alternatives to storage our group libraries since the Zotero storage is completely not enough?
    I noticed that a lot of people have this need, do you have plans to overcome the technical problem?
  • Zotero provides a storage tier with unlimited storage (do note that only the group owner needs to have storage space, not all members).

    I’m not a Zotero developer, so I can’t comment on whether linked file or WebDAV support for groups is technically feasible.
  • I believe linked files for groups are in development via a 3rd party code contribution, but from the looks of it will still take a bit of time before that's done.
  • @adamsmith Could you please show me the url of the third party contribution?
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