Report ID: 414297287, issue libreoffice style if 'Next style' is set.

While working in LibreOffice certain combinations of Zotero styles and LibreOffice text styles give an error message while inserting a citation or transferring to a different Zotero style:

"Zotero Integration"
"Bij het bijwerken van uw document is er een fout opgetreden in Zotero.

Would you like to view troubleshooting instructions?"

Clicking yes links to:

Report ID: 414297287

To reproduce:
1. Pick the right Zotero style: "Nature" always seems to cause the problem, "Vancouver" never does, "Elsevier Harvard" varies by citation.
2. Pick the right LibreOffice text style: in style settings, under 'Organiser', in the field 'Next style': pick something other than the current style itself. I.e. the default 'Heading' styles cause the problem, since they default to a 'Next style' of 'Text Body'.
3. Attempt to insert citation, or switch from an unaffected Zotero style to an affected one.

The specified citation being added to the document (or switching of styles). Instead it doesn't insert the citation/switch styles.
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