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    This doesn't work for me again (via bibtex). Could somebody please take a look here - Error 609069616. Thanks!

    And this is what the bib entries look like
    %%%Calibre catalog
    %%%8 entries in catalog

    @preamble{"This catalog of 8 entries was generated by calibre on Sunday, 14. April 2019 02:00"}

    @book{ AmirLupovici1,
    title = "The Power of Deterrence",
    title_sort = "Power of Deterrence, The",
    author_sort = "Lupovici, Amir",
    author = "Amir Lupovici",
    note = "Why do states persist in using force to enhance their deterrent posture, even though it is not clear that it is effective? This book develops an innovative framework to answer this question, viewing deterrence as an idea. This allows the author to explain how countries institutionalize deterrence strategy, and how this internalization affects policy. He argues that the US and Israel have both internalized deterrence ideas and become attached to these practices. For them, deterrence is not just a means to advance 'physical' security, but it constitutes their very selves as deterring actors. As a result, being unable to deter becomes a threat to their identity, evoking strong emotional responses. In recognizing these dynamics, the book provides a fresh perspective on the US war in Iraq (2003) and the Israeli war in Lebanon (2006), both of which can be seen as attempts to repair each country's shaken sense of self.
    cover = "C:\Users\Stephan\Dropbox\Calibre\Deterrence\Amir Lupovici\The Power of Deterrence (1)\cover.jpg",
    formats = "azw3, mobi",
    file = ":C:\Users\Stephan\Dropbox\Calibre\Deterrence\Amir Lupovici\The Power of Deterrence (1)\The Power of Deterrence - Amir Lupovici.azw3:AZW3, :C:\Users\Stephan\Dropbox\Calibre\Deterrence\Amir Lupovici\The Power of Deterrence (1)\The Power of Deterrence - Amir",
    calibreid = "1",
    isbn = "978-11-0714-339-5",
    library_name = "Deterrence",
    year = "2016",
    month = "Sep",
    publisher = "Cambridge University Press",
    volume = "1",
    size = "1148292 octets",
    tags = "Philosophy, Political, Political Science, International Relations, General",
    timestamp = "2019-04-14",
    uuid = "cd70dd4f-d65e-4771-bcd2-69fdc13c2741",
    languages = "eng",
    identifiers = "isbn:9781107143395,mobi-asin:B01L27MTTY,google:FJG5DAAAQBAJ" }
  • @dstillman could you check the error report, please? -- there's a bunch of non-standard stuff in the bibtex, but I think it should just ignore that.
  • [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: this.skipWords is undefined" {file: "Better BibTeX" line: 1285}]
    @sdspieg: While you don't have the Better BibTeX extension installed, you still have its translator (possibly from an old version that didn't properly remove it on uninstall). You should remove that and then either use the stock BibTeX importer or reinstall BBT.

    (I moved this to a separate thread because it's not related to Calibre.)
  • Thanks Dan. Looking into this...
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    Bingo! Reinstalled BBT. Problem solved. Thanks a zillion! But so it didn't import the pdfs, but it DID import the metadata...
  • It may have been a leftover from a migration from Z4 to Z5; BBT would have been disabled, and could not remove its translators.

    The colon at the start of the path in the file = is the most likely culprit of attachments not importing.
  • No, wait, that colon is the title separator. Please open an issue on and we'll get this sorted.
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