Source of Automatic Tags

What is the source of Automatic Tags which are created when citations are imported?
  • The database you're importing from, so they're MESH terms in Pubmed/PMC, but in other databases they're whatever the provider decides to write in the keyword field in the metadata we're using.
  • For PubMed, are you using MESH terms, Keywords, or a combination of both?
  • MeSH terms are not final / complete until several weeks after a record is added to Medline. Some medical publishers (JAMA for example) are allowed to provide preliminary MeSH terms directly to the database but these may change when the indexing process is complete. Many publishers provide keywords. These are stored separately from MeSH terms in the Medline record. All Medline records are contained in the PubMed database but PubMed indexes many, many items that are not in the Medline system.
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