Error in translator for Bibliothèque et Archives du Québec

I have some problems to import items from Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). They have 2 search engine; 1) Pistard for Archives 2) Catalogue Iris for standard items.

For archives material (, I see the yellow folder and the blue one, but I can't import. If I try import all items, I got these error:

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3 times:
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If I try to import one item clicking on the blue icon, I got these error:

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4 times:
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With the other search engine for books and standard items (, I succeed to import items, but some infos are imported in wrong fields or not imported:

Some general remarks:

1) in french, field « Éditeur » (not imported) = field « Publisher » in english
Ex. in BANQ: Éditeur : Montréal-Nord : VLB, [*897 doc.] 1977
should be imported: Montréal-Nord in field "PLACE" // VLB in field "PUBLISHER" // and 1977 in YEAR

2) field "Notes" imported in Abstract should be in field "Edition"

3) field "Collection" (not imported) = field "SERIE"

4) field "Collaboration" (not imported) = should be included in secondary author as COLLABORATORS

5) Repository is written: Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
should be Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Thanks for you help,
  • I'm the one who wrote this translator so it's probably easiest for me to fix it. If you give me specific URLs of entries you're having problems with, or at least the bibliographical citation so I can find them, it will be much easier to address your problems. I sent in a fix that may help you, but I can't be sure without knowing what you're trying to grab.

    As for the Iris database, I checked last night and Publisher, Place and Year were all imported on the books I tried. Edition *May* be suitable for some of the "Notes" fields, but this is not the case for all entries. In cases where entries in databases are not consistently created by the database manager, sometimes certain entries do not get imported as you might hope. If you provide specific links I can take a look at them and see if it can be fixed.

    I also got the proper spelling of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec with Zotero, so this might be a case of your browser or computer settings being unable to read the character set Zotero uses. I'm affraid I don't know enough to help you with that, though I'm sure Dan Stillman knows more.

  • Hi, and thanks for your help,

    First, I try with the normal Zotero and I still couldn't grab Place, Publisher and Year... After, I try with Zotero Sync, and I got it???!

    I test with this BOOK (and with many others):

    Auteur : Ferron, Jacques, 1921-1985 [*158 doc.] .
    Titre : Chroniques littéraires, 1961-1981 / Jacques Ferron ; [EDITION] édition préparée par Luc Gauvreau et présentée par Ginette Michaud .
    Éditeur : Montréal : Lanctôt, [*359 doc.] cop. 2006
    Description: 642 p. ; 23 cm
    Collection [SERIE]: * Cahiers Jacques-Ferron ; [*11 doc.] [SERIE NUMBER]14 .
    Notes [NOTES not in Abstract]: Comprend un index
    ISBN : 2-89485-344-0 (br.) :
    Sujets : * Littérature québécoise--20e siècle--Histoire et critique [*174 doc.]
    Collaboration [COLLABORATORS not grab]: Gauvreau, Luc , éd. [*4 doc.]
    Source : QMBND

    * Grande Bibliothèque - Niveau 1 - Documentaires -
    1. [CALL NUMBER not grab] 840.900914 F396c 2006 - Disponible

    I put in bold the right fields.
    Something "strange" in TITRE: after the TITLE, IRIS add a / and repeate AUTEUR/AUTHOR, and when it occurs, add a ; and put what it should be the EDITION field.
    I don't know if you can grab EDITION field there?
    IRIS find also JOURNAL ARTICLE or MAGAZINE ARTICLE: the publishing infos are founded in IN field.There is a exemple for MAGAZINE ARTICLE:

    Auteur : Ferron, Jacques, 1921-1985 [*158 doc.] .
    Titre : Alain Grandbois : les écrivains crétins et le zigoteau / Jacques Ferron .
    Description : P. 60-62 : ill
    In : [JOURNAL/MAGAZINE] Le magazine Maclean [PLACE?] Montréal [VOLUME] Vol. 10, [ISSUE] no 10 [DATE] (octobre 1970), p. 60-62 [CALL NUMBER for "journal title"] PER M-142
    Mots-clés [KEYWORDS, not in Extra field]: Grandbois, Alain, 1900-1975
    Source : QMBN

    I find others type of items, but Books are the most usual. You can try these 2 yellow folders. It got different type of items and fields:

    Items with others fields (try "Les confitures de coings"):

    I hope it could help. And thanks again for your help.

    Do you have any idea, why nothing work with PISTARD for archives materials?

  • The character set issue with "Bibliothèque..." should be fixed within 24 hours (or after you click Update Now in the General pane of the Zotero preferences).
  • I prepare a paper on religious books for september, and I really like to use Zotero in my communication, to show how it is a very good tool to make these kinf of research. But I have to import hendreds of bibliographics records from Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, but the translator still have problems.

    Thanks for who improve the translator for BANQ. But there is some problems. I will abreged the description of the problems. For a BOOK at BANQ:

    1) NOTES should be in NOTES (not in Resume)

    2) COLLECTION is not imported: should be in SERIE, and the [number] should be in SERIE NUMBER

    3) COLLABORATION is not imported: it should be in AUTHORS as COLLABORATORS

    4) Zotero import just the first keywords-tag, should be all of them.

    5) CALL NUMBER is not imported. It is at the end of the page under "EXEMPLAIRES (often, there are many, but at least Zotero should take the first one)

  • I try to work on the translator with Scaffold... I'm really not used to play with that kind of stuff. I think I improve some minor changes, but I'm not sure. And there is some others problems that I don't understand. If someone have some suggestions, I'll really appreciate.

    And how I can really check if the modifications I have made are ok?


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