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First of all, I browse the forum and see many casualties like mine, but as far as I read it, seems to be referred to a general problem, not to a single entry.

I'm writing my Thesis, and use more than a hundred references ... but one and just one gave me this error:

First error window:
"Has modificado esta cita desde que Zotero la generó. ¿Quieres mantener tus modificaciones e impedir futuras actualizaciones?
Al hacer clic en "Sí" impedirás que Zotero actualice esta cita si añades citas adicionales, cambias el estilo de citación o modificas el elemento al cual hace referencia. Al hacer clic en "No" borrarás tus cambios.
Original: («Ley 213 - Código del Trabajo», 1993, art. 235(d) y 242)
Modificado: ,"
Second error window (YES option)
Zotero experimentó un error al actualizar tu documento.
An error occurred communicating with Zotero: SwXReferenceMark::InsertRefMark(): cannot insert attribute
at Method)
at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy32.attach(Unknown Source)
at java.base/
Second error (NO option)
Zotero experimentó un error al actualizar tu documento.
An error occurred communicating with Zotero: End of content node doesn't have the proper start node
at Method)
at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy20.createTextCursorByRange(Unknown Source)
at java.base/

I tried almost anything, from erasing the reference that seems to have an error to restarting the computer.

I'm using a fresh Linux Mint 19 instalation, with LibreOffice and the last Zotero plugin.

I will appreciate any help you can gave me ... losing a work that consumes me more than a year will be catastrofic.

  • In the title is an error ... must say "RuntimeException"
    sorry the typo mistake
  • This looks like a citation that hasn't been fully deleted (leaving an invisible trace) and possibly causing document corruption.
    Run through , in particular steps 8 and 9
  • Thanks, will see
  • Does not work ... :-S

    QUESTION: Is there a limit of references/quotes we can put on a document? I didn't count it ... but must be around 100 quotes between books, researches, newspapers articles and ... laws ... too many laws ...

    IF YES, there is a limit ...

    QUESTION: The limitation applies for the free Zotero version? If I bought it, will broke those limitations?

    IF NO, there is no limitation for the free Zotero version (just the 300MB of storage) ...

    QUESTION: May I broke the thesis into separate documents (master and subs)? Did Zotero handle this?
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    [edited] My mistake was that [end] I just go directly to steps 8 and 9 as far you indicated them ...

    the problem was on step 1 ... the track changes control ...
    just disabled and all is working fine ...

    Try to resolve this issue (track changes) ... for academic researchs and/or for group works, the tracking is ... very important.
  • What do you mean by "does not work"?

    There's no theoretical limit to the number of citation in a document (and the citation function is entirely unrelated to free vs. paid version) and the practical limit is _much_ higher than 100.

    People have used Zotero in Master document, but I wouldn't consider that a well-tested or stable set-up. Working in separate documents and then simply merging those works, though.
  • @CainPY asked is there a limit...

    In 2008 I used Zotero to write my doctoral thesis. It contains more than 400 different cited items. At the time Zotero was quite cooperative even though I was using Vancouver style, cited several of the sources multiple times in different sections, and did several reorganizations involving cut-and-paste of sections of text. I started out using Reference Manager but it proved inadequate when I approached 250 cites. I tried switching to EndNote but it too bogged down. I re-inserted my cites using Zotero and, even that earlier version, was a boon to the sanity of this near crazed thesis-writer.
  • Thanks pals ...

    And yes, I love Zotero also ... I tried several times to insert it to my colleages and other ones in the university, but they are hard .... very hard (stubborn, really) and prefers the "word bibliography option" ...

    When they looses all because a system crash or because the change of PC ... will notice the difference ...
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