Group library not syncing


I've created a group library and added members. It's properly reflecting online that members have been added. However, in my Zotero Standalone it doesn't seem that the library was shared (the folders appear yellow rather than blue). And my co-workers say that they don't see the library folders I created in their Zotero Standalone desktop application.

Can you help me with this please?

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    Make sure you're working in the group library you created rather than your personal library. All the folders that show up in the tree under "My Library" in your Zotero client are part of your personal library. The screenshot you emailed shows collections in your personal library.

    Group libraries each have their own collection trees and are listed below your personal library collections.

    If you want to share a subset of your personal library, you can drag a collection from your personal library down to your group library.

    (Note that if you want to allow sharing of files within the group, you should also make sure that file editing is enabled for the group from the group library settings on
  • Thank you, I think that fixed it!
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