Unwanted copying and duplicating of files with different names.

Hi --
Since I am keeping all of my articles on Google Drive, I have set Automatically rename attachment files using parent metafiles to False (Unchecked)

However, I am noticing that if I drag an article from a subfolder in my Google Drive to Zotero, (i.e. a scan of a book's pages that I have listed in Zotero) it is creating a new file in the base folder of my Google Drive that is a copy of the PDF but with a different name.

This is creating duplicates in my files and is hard to keep track of as I am working and annotating them on my tablet and on other computers without Zotero installed.

For example, I have in my Google Drive a folder called Capstone which is what I have set as the base folder for all of my articles and resources. Inside the Capstone folder I have a subfolder "Fractured Communities". I dragged the file "fractured intro.pdf" into Zotero and it created a file "Ladd_2018_Fractured_communities _{).pdf" in the Capstone folder.

Now I have two copies of this item.

How can this behavior be stopped?
  • You can use ctrl+shift+drag to just create a link to a file on drag & drop into Zotero (I think it's cmd+shift+drag on a Mac, but not sure; definitely possible, too). Is that what you're after?

    Dragging a file to Zotero always imports it and it sounds like you have ZotFile set-up to then move it into Google Drive
  • Cmd-Option on a Mac
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