Libre-Office-Extension - neither working, nor reinstallable...

Dear Community,

now the problem is Zotero is not working in Libre Office (LO), there are no buttons of it - but it is supposedly there in the extensions manager. The problem has a longer history, see below.
Checking for updates leads to a crash of the whole program.
I can neither deinstall it (it is there in the extensions manager - clicking "remove" leads to
" { { { Message = "There is no such extension deployed: org.openoffice.legacy.Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt", Context = ( @5ae0d10 } }, ArgumentPosition = (short) -1 }"

Nor can I add it manually. I have already chosen the respective file (zotero... .oxt) and restarted the program - nothing changes. Sames problems (no buttons appear, it´s still in the ext.-manager, neither removal, nor update, nor "adding" works)

Does anybody experience the same problems or have an idea?
It drives me mad for there are two papers and a book chapter to be worked on...

Below you´ll find the steps I took to this point.


I suppose the problem began with an update of LO (now version - after that, the buttons changed from symbol to text und didn´t work anymore. After a couple of attempts I de- and reinstalled LO. So far in short.
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    Getting LO and Zotero to work together sometimes seems to require luck or magic. LO and Zotero will work together as friends but getting this working when, at first it doesn't work, can take some patience and trial and error effort until you get it done.

    You will also need to be sure that you have the appropriate Java JRE and that it is recognized by LO. To check on your JRE go to the menu under LibreOffice - Preferences - Advanced and be sure that Java Options shows that a JRE is installed. What version of JRE is installed?

    Go to LO TOOLS - Extension Manager and check to verify that Zotero LibreOffice Integration is installed. What is the version number of the Zotero-LO Integration tool?

    When i have had trouble I have had some success with changing the order that I installed each component. Alas, I cannot remember the installation order that allows me to successfully work with LO and Zotero.

    Do a search [search for JRE] of this forum to learn more about the needed JRE and how to get it properly installed so that LO will recognize it. What version of Zotero are you using? What operating system?

    There are helpful people who are quite fluent in languages other than English. You can ask for help in German (your syntax and conjunctions seem German-friendly).
  • @uliharass: If you don't have any particularly important settings in LO, just deleting your LO data directory and then reinstalling the plugin from the Cite pane in Zotero is the easiest thing to try.
  • Hi guys, thanks!
    I haven´t been able to improve anything. OS: Win 10; Zoter version 5.0.63

    1.) Removed and reinstalled LO again,
    Java is up do date (1.8.0_201), LO uses this version already. After the reinstallation the Zotero-extension is automatically installed. Several attempts and reboots have been unsuccessfull so far.

    Freshly installed, the Zotero-extension is already added - but only the "Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt" which I manually installed yesterday.

    2.) Checking for updates of the Zotero-extension shuts down LO.

    3.) When I try to remove it, the message is
    "( { { { Message = "There is no such extension deployed: org.openoffice.legacy.Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt", Context = ( @5ae6990 } }, ArgumentPosition = (short) -1 }"

    4.) When I "add" it again, it first says that I am about to replace the existing version "0", and then says
    "( { { { Message = "Cannot detect media-type: file:///C:/Users/ulrich.harlass/AppData/Roaming/LibreOffice/4/user/uno_packages/cache/uno_packages/lutped.tmp_/Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt", Context = ( @134f7500 } }, ArgumentPosition = (short) -1 }"

    Sorry to bother you - but I feel stuck here...

    @dstillman Sorry to ask, could you please specify the procedure (for I am uncertain as to the data directory).

    P.S.: German it is, DWL-SDCA (damn my teuton English ;-)
  • C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice
  • Delete everything in it?
  • That's up to you — you'll have to figure out if there's anything else in it that you care about. I'm just suggesting that as the easiest thing to try here.
  • (And you can also just move it out of the way as a backup and try with a new directory.)
  • Dstillman, you´re my man! This helped.
    I removed the whole folder, the Zotero extension was gone after reboot, I then re-added it - and it works!

    Thanks a lot - both of you. Now back to crashing deadlines,
    all best, cheers
  • Random viewer commenting 8 months later wanting to express my deep appreciation to both the one who started the thread and those that answered it.
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