No way to successfully validate email.

I am trying to create a group. I have had a Zotero account for about a month and am asked to "validate email address" before I create the group. Each time -- and I've done this multiple times -- I receive the email, click on the link which opens and tells me "Success" with instructions for "Syncing" which I have already carried out successfully. I then try to create the group again, same problem, "first validate email address" and around and around we go.
What is the solution, my friends?
  • It looks like you already solved this. Are you still having any issues validating your email?
  • Indeed, I found a way around the problem. I changed my email address and also my password. For the time being, things seems to be going OK. I still don't understand where the problem came from. Thank you so much fpr getting back to me!
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