search by "added by" field in group libraries?


I'm wondering whether it's possible to search (or even order display of) a group library by the 'added by' field. We're using zotero in a class and I'd like to incentivize students to add references to a group bibliography; but to do that I have to at least figure out a way to measure how many references that person has added. It would be nice, too, to be able to create a feed of their contributions to the group bibliography.

At present I can't see a way to even view the 'added by' column from within zotero (using 3.0b, firefox or standalone). Will I need to use the API instead?

Thanks as always for your help.
  • No, that field isn't visible in the client or the website at the moment (though the latter is just an omission and will be fixed soon). For now it's available only from the API.
  • ok, thanks dan. A developer is working on drupal biblio integration -- hopefully he'll be able to add this functionality at some point, in which case we'll let you know.
  • FYI, the new drupal module is here:
    we're looking at adding this in, if we can.
  • Hi,

    Has there been any further progress with this - it's a handy way of measuring individual contributions to the group.

  • Same problem for me. Any news on this improvement?
  • If there is a web or API way, can you please explain how?
  • FWIW, sorting by addedBy has been available from the website library for a long time. It will be available in the software eventually (no ETA).

    I don't think it's possible to search for addedBy via the API, but the syntax for retrieving items sorted by addedBy is here:
    Further questions on the API should go to the zotero-dev list.
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