can't insert the bibliography

error ID 1308482272

after inserting refernce numbers along my document, couldn't insert the bibliogarphy. An error message box..
  • Does this still happen if you restart Zotero?
  • Yes, and also after restarting the computer. I inserted all the refrences again and it is solved.... lots of work but at least it works now. Not sure what was the problem. I sent it to a colleague and she returned it so maybe along this process it was lost..
  • Oh, yes, that just means that she saved it in a different format or with a different tool — Google Docs, say — that stripped the active citations.
  • Thanks, I'm new to Zotero.. learned the lesson..
  • Allow me to state the lesson: Always only share a copy of your document. Anyone can innocently remove all of your Zotero references from the document.
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