Extracting Notes from Zotero

When I write, I like to have all of my notes printed so that I can see them without switching apps. Is there a way to print out all of my notes by item?
  • The generate report function is intended for this
  • I thought so... but when I select everything in my collection, I do not get the notes that added to the items.

    If I select one item, I seem to get the notes.
  • BTW @adamsmith do you ever sleep or get a day off or is this a generic account for multiple people?
    Thanks for all of your help.
  • Works for me. You're doing ctrl+a --> right-click --> Generate Report?

    (While it'd be funny to have division of labor on an adamsmith account, this is just me, but I spent far less time on this than you probably think. I just do so at odd times and I type quickly).
  • Hi --- it works for some works but not for others.

    For example, I have a book with 36 notes that did not generate and well as another book with 4 notes and no notes are in the report.

    This is not just limited to books as magazine articles also have this issue.
  • Im on a Mac (10.14.3)
  • Interesting -- and that's the case even when you select just that item, or does it work then?

    If this happens with just one item selected, I think a debug ID for generating the report would be helpful: https://www.zotero.org/support/debug_output

    In any case, this is something @dstillman would need to look at.
  • If I choose the individual item, I can see the notes.

    -- I did the debug D2064633137,

    The crazy thing is that once I restarted Zotero with debugging -- it solved the problem.
  • @adamsmith @dstillman
    Unfortunately this issue came back up today, after I rebooted my computer.

    I did a debug (D184020557)
  • If I choose the individual item, I can see the notes.
    Then what do you have to do to reproduce this? Can you identify the smallest set of items necessary to reliably reproduce this, including after a Zotero restart? If so, export those items to Zotero RDF with notes and email the RDF to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread.
  • I wrote a `pyzotero` script to export all notes from a collection to csv: https://github.com/jsta/zoteroscripts/blob/master/notes_to_csv.py
  • Hi jsta. Your script would be very useful. Could you explain how to use it for a newbie?
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