Subscription payment/duration query

I just paid $120 to upgrade my storage to unlimited, but it says on my account that my storage subscription will renew on 4th April 2019 – does my year of unlimited storage start from today (7th March 2019) or from 4th April? I am concerned I have paid $120 for just 1 month’s storage – please can you clarify?
My Zotero username is ARC79

  • Please email with this question. What I suspect is that you were not actually charged, but rather that it just applied your existing payment amount (from your existing subscription) and updated the expiration date to be sooner.
  • When you switch your subscription level, you're only charged immediately if your plan is about to expire. Otherwise, the left over value from your previous plan is applied as time to your new plan (so if you had $10 left over from your old plan you'd have 1 month of unlimited). The first charge for your new plan will be made when that time expires.
  • Apparently is no longer a valid email address (according to my Outlook) - doesn't seem to be possible to contact Zotero by email
  • OK thanks @fcheslack - I hope this is the case :)
  • You'll get an emailed receipt from our payment processor any time a charge is made, and you can check the most recent charge for your account using the "View Payment Receipt" link at the top of your storage settings page. is also still valid. I'm not sure why Outlook would be saying that.
  • OK many thanks
  • Hi,
    I´m looking for a receipt for my storage payment as well. Where can I find it?
    thanks, Anneli
  • @AKaesmayr Your payment was not made with the normal process so you can't view a receipt on, but you should have the records in your email/PayPal.
  • If I pay $20 for 2G, is that for the full year or is it $20 a month?
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