MENDELEY TO ZOTERO. IEEE referencing problem

Mendeley recommended me to contact with Zotero to seek help for the following question (please see their response below after the question that I asked them). The question is given below:
I get the following when I merge 2 or more references in IEEE format using Mendeley:
[1], [3] -------------- (a)
How do I get the following output without manual editing of references?
[1, 3] ---------------- (b)
I can get the desired format [i.e. (b)] through manually editing the merged references but then I am unable to update references as the Mendeley loses the track of references during manual editing.
Am I missing something? Please help.
PS: My colleagues using endnote can easily get the desired format [i.e. (b)].
Mendeley’s response:
“Regarding the response I sent, I meant that the issue can appropriately be addressed by Github/Zotero since the issue is about a Citation Style which we only get from them. We, Mendeley Support, have not received training to write or edit Citation Styles so this particular issue is already beyond our support, unfortunately.”
Link of screenshot showing Mendeley's response:
  • This style follows the IEEE Editorial Style Manual that uses separate square brackets for every reference number. The style is correct for the guide.

    Either mendeley or zotero should be able to provide support for requesting a new style. Where are you submitting to and what is the guide?
  • Like noksagt says, IEEE style says to use separate brackets, not a merged bracket like you describe. Have you been asked by an editor or publisher to provide them merged? If so, can you please say which journal and quote the instructions you were given (just so that they can be documented in the CSL style file)? If not, then I recommend you use the IEEE style as it currently exists without editing.
  • @noksagt , @bwiernik
    Thank you for your prompt response. My supervisor wants me to have the format that I want to get (type b, as shown in the originally posted question)
    Moreover, I have found the same style that (i.e., b) in many research articles (e.g., journal of Construction and Building Materials). I am unable to attach an image with this comment but I hope you will understand it. Please let me know if I am missing something as I am new in the field of research.
  • Update:
    I searched the author information pack for the journal of Construction and Building Materials and found the link to download the required referencing style. Fortunately, it worked the way I wanted (b type style as mentioned in the original post).
    Anyways, I am very happy that @noksagt and @bwiernik responded to my question and tried to help me.
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