storage and error message

I purchased unlimited storage but am getting a message in the gold triangle at upper right next to synch button that a particular group "has reached its Zotero File Storage quota. Some files were not uploaded. Other Zotero data will continue to sync to the server." If i have unlimited space and it is current, why am i getting this message?
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    Group storage depends on the group owner (and only that), so the person who owns the group you're receiving the message for has run out of storage. If you know them, you could offer to take over ownership of the group.
  • Thanks. I own the group. How can I run out of storage if I have unlimited storage?
  • Shouldn't be possible. Do you mind posting the group name here so someone can check?
  • You're in one group that you don't own (though it has the same name other than capitalization as one that you do own).
  • I have a file "library copy" and the file MCHR (spelled out) is the one I'm getting the alert about.
  • You're a member of 2 MCHR groups, one of which you don't own, and is the one you'd be getting an alert about.
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