Zotero crashes when opening a PDF or using the "Show File" function

My Zotero Standalone (version 5.0.60 on Windows 10) crashes whenever I try to open a PDF file attached to some bibliographic entry. In particular, Zotero freezes for a couple of seconds, then the window closes and the PDF opens (on Adobe Acrobat).

A similar dynamics occurs when I right-click on an entry and choose the "Show File" option.

I have not been able to solve this problem since December 2018. I have tried to use the "Report Error" tool, but it does not find any problem.

I have also tried to enable the "Debug Output Logging" function. To do this, I follow these steps:
- Enable the tool (then Zotero restarts)
- Open a PDF (then Zotero closes and the PDF opens)
- Manually re-open Zotero and disable the tool
- Open the output.
Are these steps appropriate in order to log the crash? Anyhow, I am not not able to read the output that it generates and I am worried some confidential information would be disclosed when submitting it.

Which steps do you suggest me? Thank you
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