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Hi, I'm a Zotero's new user and I'm installed Zotero in Firefox with the add-on in Libre Office.
I'm using the Pontifical Gregorian University (Italian) style, and when I insert the citation in Libreo Office only the author and the title of book appear in the citation, for instance:

Author, Title, page
P. Sommalunga, History of world, 11.

This is good for the second citation, and for the subsequents.

But I wish that the output of the first citation was:

Author, Title, City of print: Publisher Year, page
P. Sommalunga, History of world, Roma: Sipa 2006, 11.

How can I solve this problem?
I will modify manually the first citation?

More: in the bibliografy only this appears:

P. Sommalunga, History of world, Roma 2006.

But I wish it was like this:

P. Sommalunga, History of world, Roma: Sipa 2006.

How can modify the style to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance for your attention,
  • Hello Granpasso.
    I have exactly the same problem with french version...
    Did you solve your problem ?
    Thank's !
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    Hi Smoisa, depend only from the style that you are using. If you know how to do, you could modify the style, otherwise you had to modify manually the citation. Actually the style I was using was correct, because my university does not need to put all the text information in the first quote. And in the bibliografy it is not necessary to insert the publisher, but only the city and the publication's year.
  • @smoisa
    Is the style you're looking for for a specific journal or publisher?
  • Hello ! Thank you granpasso for your answer : I am using (and I have to) the Pontifical Gregorian University (french) style. The problem is that the first quote has no Editor, year of a publication, exactly as you said in your post.

    @damnation : for the Pontifical Gregorian University
  • In that case let's make a new thread for your style specifically.
    If you get all the information as outlined here (please make sure you adapt the given examples), then we can have a look:
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    @smoisa, I understood. The style of the Pontifical Gregorian University does not display the publisher either in the footnote or in the bibliography, and shows the city and the year only in the bibliography. In fact, these are the typographical standards of Meynet (I advise you to read them) and the typographical rules for the publication of the doctorate theses.
  • @granpasso, thank you. Everything is clear with that answer. So there is no problem with the style in fact ! I was just very surprised to find so few information in the first footnote. I will read these Meynet standards. Thanks !
    @damnation : thank you for your care. granpasso's answer shows that I don't have to make a request about the style... :)
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