Truncated author list ('et. al.') with J Med Chem style

I have used the latest J Med Chem style in Zotero to submit a manuscript to the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, however, the editor pointed out that for some publications there is an 'et. al.' abbreviation, which is not correct (all authors should be listed). This seems to happen always after the 10th author in the respective reference.

Is there any way to correct this temporarily or would you have to adjust the style?

Many thanks,
  • The style currently is a dependent of the ACS style.
    Their guidelines are a bit funny in the way that they say the references can be in any style, but then further down give some more details incl. that no et-al should be used.
    We'd need to make an independent style.
  • Thank you for the clarification! It could be useful to have such an independent style at some point, as many industry papers contain lots of authors and modifying the references manually is a bit of a pain
  • Let's see what the others say.
    Making such a style is easy, cause the code is there and the et-al fix is simple. But it needs to make sense.
  • @matthias.r.b, we've been personally requested by ACS last year to start providing a single citation style for all their journals. See also

    "You may provide references in any style, but they must be complete including titles."


    "To streamline reference styling, we will be updating the publicly available reference managers with a standard style, which will automatically include titles. Journal-specific reference styles will be applied by the journal production team after the journal accepts a paper for publication."

    So I'm a bit surprised by the feedback the J Med Chem editor gave you. Could you share their name, so I can check in with our contact?
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