Citations in a table (requires removing superscript)

edited February 6, 2019
I just wanted to double check if I'm doing this correctly. I'm writing up a manuscript using the sequential, superscript, numeric citation style. In other words, each reference is cited by just a number which appears as a superscript, and the numbers simply follow the order in which the citations appears in the text, and not any kind of arrangement scheme (e.g. alphabetical) of the bibliography.

All is good, but now I need to make a table with one column for each reference. Since there's no word there for the superscript number to be "attached" to, I just clicked on the blank space in the cell and inserted the citation. Then I highlighted it and undid the formatting (Font -> deselected everything). Now it appears as just a number, like regular text, so I think everything is fine?

Just to double check, is everything actually fine? Is this the proper method for handling my situation? Or is there something more arcane that I should be doing?
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