PDFs not uploading

My linked PDFs are not uploading to Zotero Storage. Sync completes, but the files never get uploaded to the cloud. My settings are configured as follows:

Sync settings in Zotero app:
[x] Sync Automatically
[x] Sync full-text content
[x] Sync attachment files in My Library using [Zotero]
Download files [at sync time]
[x] Sync attachment files in group libraries using Zotero storage
Download files [at sync time]

Please advise. I have no 3rd party firewall installed. I am running Windows 10 and the newest version of Zotero (5.0.60). If this cannot be resolved, there is no point in using Zotero, which would be a massive disappointment to me, as I otherwise like the software.
  • Thanks for the clarification. The article shows how I can make the links work across multiple machines. How do I make it so they sync instead of just link to the file on the local machine? I can't manually do this for 500+ files, so I hope there's something automated. Thank you.
  • Is there any reason these are links in the first place? If you want uncomplicated file sync, the easiest would be to have files stored in Zotero. If you want files accessible on zotero.org, having them stored in Zotero locally is the only way to do that.

  • I transferred from Mendeley so they ended up as links.
  • I should clarify: since transferring from Mendeley using Zotero's import function has made all my PDFs linked files instead of "local" (in Zotero folder) files, how can I change them to local files so sync works smoothly? Manually doing it on a file-by-file basis is not an option for 500+ entries. Thanks!
  • We're going to try to add a feature in the next couple weeks that converts linked files into stored files, since we know this is a common request for people coming from Mendeley. I'll post here when that's ready.

    (We're also going to add an option to the Mendeley importer to force storing (instead of linking) of files in the custom directory. The importer currently leaves those as linked files to better approximate the way file storage works in Mendeley, but that does have the side effect of preventing people from using Zotero file syncing when they want to.)
  • Any word on this? Thank you!
  • I did exactly the same with the same result. What's the most efficient way to fix this? Thanks
  • We're still working on this. I'll post here when it's available in a beta.

    (We've since added the option to choose between stored or linked files when importing from Mendeley, but if you've already imported and continued working on your library in Zotero, I'd recommend waiting for the converter.)
  • Any word on the converter? If it's still not ready, I can try re-importing instead. Thank you again for your work and responses! I am most grateful.
  • I've just pushed out a new Zotero beta that includes a new File → Manage Attachments → "Convert Linked Files to Stored Files…" feature.

    If you want to help test this out, you should temporarily disable auto-sync and make a backup of your Zotero data directory (and, if you use the "Delete original files after storing" option, your PDF directory) before trying it, and then closely review the converted files before turning syncing back on. Let us know if you run into any problems.
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