Style Request: Developing World Bioethics

Hi, I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out with a style for this journal. I've been struggling with it all afternoon, and don't have the acumen to write my own code. I can't find anything that has the correct reference format, correct in-text citation, and uses footnotes. Thanks very much! Arianne

Here are the instructions for authors:

1471-8731 (Print)
1471-8847 (Electronic)
1471-8731 (Linking)

Here are two examples:

In-text citation:
1 (superscript)
2 (superscript)

Bibliography (FOOTNOTES):
1. Campbell, J. L., & Pedersen, O. K. (2007). The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comparative Political Studies, 40(3), 307–332.
2. Mares, I. (2001). Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? In P. A. Hall & D. Soskice (Eds.), Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage (pp. 184–213). New York: Oxford University Press.

Here is a link to an open access article:
  • Thank you for following the guide to the T.
    Will add it to the log.
  • Thank you very much! The problem I have is that a few referencing styles match well, but don't allow footnotes, and those that do allow footnotes (mostly Chicago) aren't in the right style. Very frustrating. I'll be trying to learn CSL editing, but am not hopeful I'll get there in time, so any tips at all are welcome.
  • No, you're mixing things up.
    You're looking at a numeric style:
    in-text: numbers
    Bibliography: all the details

    I'm aware there will be plenty close matches as the style is nothing special in that regard. ;)
  • @damnation: Just like another recently required style (also for Wiley), this looks exactly like APA but with numerical citations to me; should be quick to make
  • I take that comment re footnote style back.
    It's indeed one!
    For footnotes the numbering is inserted by the word processor.
  • @adamsmith @damnation Given the number of these, do we want to just add an apa-numeric style?
  • @adamsmith @damnation @bwiernik thanks for your attention to this. Grateful for any solutions or hacks.

    @damnation, just to be clear: are you saying that I should be inserting footnotes using Word's footnote function, and then placing each Zotero reference into a footnote? That seems more arduous, not least because my starting point is a document with 80 odd references automatically footnoted by Zotero but in the wrong format.

    @adamsmith would a generic APA-numeric style have a footnote option and options for brackets/superscript etc?
  • p.s. I suppose the other thing that might be useful to say (for me and maybe the other Wiley folks) is the the "Bioethics" style is doing *almost* everything I need it to to. It gives me superscripted numbers and footnotes, and the correct components are all present in the references. There are three small problems: it puts the year later in the reference, instead of directly after the name, the year is not in brackets, and the initials are coming before the surname, rather than after.

    It's doing this:

    J. L. Campbell, & O. K Pedersen. The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comparative Political Studies, 2007, 40(3), 307–332.

    when I need it to do this:

    Campbell, J. L., & Pedersen, O. K. (2007). The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comparative Political Studies, 40(3), 307–332.
  • @adamsmith Thanks -- I will try this first thing tomorrow and let you know. Am away from my desk (it's late in the UK) and don't have Zotero on my home computer, so will keep you posted. Fingers crossed!
  • @damnation I've just downloaded and tried this style, and it doesn't include a footnote option in the Document Preferences pop-up (i.e. "Display citations as: footnotes/endnotes"), so it has inserted APA style references into the text where the footnote numbers were. I suppose I could use this in conjunction with Word footnotes in future, but for the current document I'm looking for something that will preserve the Chicago/Bioethics footnote function and simply convert the format of my references.
  • @damnation You forgot to change the "in-text" option in the first line to "note"

    @bsms7805 You can make that quick change yourself if you like.
  • @bwiernik @damnation Wow, it works! Changed that line to "note", and also managed to figure out how to remove the bit that included a DOI, as I didn't need that. Very pleased! Thanks so much for all your help. I feel slightly more confident at trying out some tweaks myself in the future.
  • I strongly recommend leaving the DOI in. That is the single most important piece of the style for the journal.
  • Yes, on closer inspection, you're right. It seems that they prefer to include DOIs where they're available. Will put it back.
  • I hate that bug on the CSL editor. I remember changing it the first thing. But sometimes it just jumps back to what it had before.

    Updated style:
  • That’s frustrating.
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