Zotero Apple app fails to recognize four books [iOS 12]

I'm using iOS 12 and the Shortcuts app. After a scan, I'm taken to a page showing "Zotero" at the top left and my username. I go to "My Library" and it shows nothing was scanned. Four books failed to be recognized, making this app "useless" thus far. What am I missing? Did I miss a step? I returned to my previous citation management option (very time consuming) which always works.
  • It definitely still works in general. Are you actually saving the item? The page that you describe should show the book title and a library chooser, and then you click the save button, and then it saves. It also gives you a link to view the saved item in your web library.
  • If the book can’t be recognized it would say that explicitly, and in that case we’d need to know the ISBN in question to tell you more.
  • It does not progress to the next step. The next step is "Retrieving details" after a scan. Thats if it works. After I scan, it stops on the nearly blank page, showing "Zotero" on the top left and my username (logged in).
    1. I open shortcut.
    2. Camera is enabled.
    3. I put camera over barcode.
    4. Zotero opens and shows "Zotero" on top left with my username on the right.
    There is no option to add a library or "save". The app does not explicitly tell me the ISBN was not recognized.
  • If you just load this page from your phone, what happens?
  • I'm having what seems like the same issue. From either the Short Cuts app or by clicking the direct link @dstillman referenced above, all I get is the header: the Zotero logo and my username. The remainder of the page below the horizontal divider is blank.
  • Are you seeing that from your desktop browser too, or only in Safari on the iPhone?
  • On iOS Safari, if I follow the link dstillman have, I see a blank screen like Yozuvchi describes https://www.dropbox.com/s/n55e86z4ce8bd4a/File Feb 06, 06 11 25.jpeg?dl=0
  • Every time? What iOS version?
  • Huh, so I reloaded the page four times and it eventually loaded with the save screen. iOS 12.2 public beta 1
  • edited February 6, 2019
    @dstillman - I’m seeing on Safari on macOS and iOS (both iPad and IPhone). All upgraded to the latest versions of the OSes.

    EDIT: As of 9:39 Pacific Time - it's working properly both from Short Cuts and the browser.
  • Sorry about that — we believe this was an upstream issue that’s now fixed. Let us know if you have further trouble.
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