search for "filename" and "date modified"

I am bringing in approximately 3,000 pdfs to Zotero. When I look at the righthand pane for a document, it shows the filename of the item and the date modfied, which appears to be the same as the date when the pdf was created. If I annotate the pdf and save it, perhaps it will update the date modified. In any event, if I use the quick search box, it appears to search for the filename (among other fields). If I use the advanced search, it does not appear that I can search for filename or date modified. I might want to do that. For example, I might want to find all items in both collection X and subcollection Y with "Z" in the filename and dated before 2016. I don't see "filename" or "date modified" as options in the advanced search window. I must not be seeing something obvious. What is it?

  • 'Date modified' is in the Advanced search list. For filename, just search for 'Title' and also specify 'Item type' 'is' 'Attachment'
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