Artwork "Attributed to"


Very often, for the old artworks (paintings, drawings ...), the author is not known with certainty and it is necessary to specify "(attributed to)".

An example : If for the type "Artwork", in the field "Artist" we enter
Name = Vermeer and First Name = Johannes (attributed to)

Bibliography will give: VERMEER Johannes (attributed to).
It's perfect.
But the citation will give: Johannes (attributed to) VERMEER.
No correct.

I use InVisu style but with other styles it's the same.

How to fix this very important problem?
Would there be a possibility of circumventing this limitation of Zotero using the "Extra" field, as for complex dates?

Or can we hope a future update of Zotero will correct this problem?
  • There isn’t formal support for these types of labels in CSL, but you should be able to get the correct output by entering the given name as:
    Johannes (attributed to)
  • No, that's exactly what I explained in my message. Maybe badly. Sorry, I'm French.
  • Ah, I didn’t look closely at the citation for that style. Unfortunately, that is currently the only option available to you other than manually typing “attributed to” in the bibliography as a final step after you unlink your document from Zotero.
  • Yes. Unfortunately.
    But I think that many art historians are facing this problem.
  • There is likely a need for a general way to give a label to creators (e.g., APA and MLA gave detailed requirements for specific creator labels that aren’t likely to ever be fully implemented into CSL), but a change along those lines is not likely to come soon.
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