Merging items results in their being TWO pdfs of the same paper?


Occasionally I'll accidentally import the PDF of a paper into Zotero not realising that I've previously imported it.

Zotoro highlights the duplicate items which is fantastic, however then when I click merge 2 items, it keeps both of the PDFs?

Is there any way to merge them while only keeping one of the pdfs?
  • Removing duplicate files currently has to be done manually. Automating it is a long-standing plan, but in a lot of cases the files wouldn't match, since non-OA PDFs are often watermarked each time you download them. (That ticket talks about some complicated possible workarounds, but we haven't explored them yet.)

    The better fix is really to try to warn before adding items that already exist in the database, which we [also hope to do]( in a future version, though there are some hard problems — particularly around UI — there as well.
  • Hi dstillman,

    Thanks for the help!

    The idea warning before adding items sounds like a great solution!
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