Zotero integration with Overleaf: citation keys do not work

Using Zotero 5.0.60, Better BibTex 5.1.45, and Overleaf V2.

For some reason, the bib file that Overleaf automatically obtains from Zotero uses a different citation key than the one in my standalone program. I think the bib in my Overleaf now uses the zotero default citation keys? I know there were some changes in a recent update. How do I update the citation keys so that the one generated by BBT is the same as the one that shows up when I export it to Overleaf?
  • How does the Overleaf Zotero integration work? Did it ask you to log into your Zotero account, or does it require the Zotero app to be open on your computer? It’s possible that Overleaf has not configured its Zotero integration to work with BetterBibTeX. If that’s the case, you would need to bring it up with them.

    The fastest method would be to use the Overleaf git bridge feature:

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    The official Overleaf-Zotero integration pulls from the Zotero web API. It won't have (can't have) access to BBT citation keys. This will change in the future when Zotero gets a citation key field, but right now, if you want BBT keys, the git integration is the way to go.

    I've been using this for a while now (I was part of the overleaf V2 git beta) and it's been working flawlessly for me. On Windows though, you will get popups when BBT runs git (until Zotero migrates to a FF55+ base), so you might want to use SparkleShare there instead of the BBT git support.

    (technically, there might be a 2nd way to get BBT references into Overleaf but I don't know whether they support \addbibresource[location=remote]{...}).
  • With the newest Zotero BibTeX/BibLaTeX translators, pinned keys from BBT will also show up via the regular Zotero-Overleaf integration. Not sure on the timeline for that translator to make it into the web API, but that is likely going to be soon.
  • Yep, git integration is how I've been doing it right now. It's a bit clunky because I don't always want to open a git project for some cases, but it works, I guess.

    Thanks anyway.
  • If you pin your keys and have sync turned on, they should now show up through the regular Overleaf-Zotero integration.
  • Just tried it. Pin BibTeX keys, sync, import. Still getting the same default Zotero citation keys when it shows up in Overleaf.
  • Ah, then the Zotero translation server hasn't been updated with the new stock BibTeX translator -- I thought it would be picked up automatically daily. I don't know what the actual schedule is for the translation server to be updated, but as soon as that's done, the keys should show up.
  • This works now.
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