Word Wont Open

I was advised to download Zotero and followed all of the steps to download the extension into Microsoft Word, but every time I go to make a new document, Word crashes. I can open preexisting documents and the Zotero option is on the ribbon, but whenever I go to create a new document, it crashes.

I have updated Word and restarted my computer, as well as reinstalled the extension, and yet still haven't found any luck. Any last minute tips on what might help? Otherwise I might just get rid of the extension...
  • This really isn’t a thing that Zotero would be causing, especially if you say that existing documents can open.
  • @Pclesceri: You can verify this by temporarily removing Zotero.dotm from your Word startup folder and seeing if it still happens.
  • Thanks for the comments, I ended up figuring it out.

    It was not actually a Zotero incident, I believe my Mac was not running the latest version of Microsoft Word, so trying to run the Zotero extension would crash it instantly. I had to completely erase Microsoft Office from my hard drive and redownload it, and then it worked.

    Thanks for the responses, though!
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