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Hi all, I was wondering if it would be possible from a technical standpoint (and generally desired from a community standpoint) to include a field with some kind of 'access type.' It could just be filled with 'open access' if the translators can pick that up, or if there is a way to check the DOI for access type?

Knowing which papers in my library are open access would be useful when sharing links to research on blogs, in comments, in emails etc. For example, if I want to explain a concept, or point people towards further reading in a public platform I need to link them to open research. Being able to filter my library based on this would be great.

Any thoughts on this?
  • So the field this would go in is “Rights”. Zotero on import will title the PDF item with its type (eg, ScienceDirect Full Text PDF, Author Accepted Manuscript, etc.) using data from Unpaywall. On many sites, Zotero will also populate the Rights field if it is gold Open access from the site.
  • Ah right, never knew about that column before. It seems only 34 out of 565 articles in my current library have something in that field. Has this only recently been added?
  • It’s just that many sites don’t provide that information.
  • I'm guessing the access type wouldn't be retrievable through a DOI lookup or anything either right?

    I guess it would be possible for zotero to query the publication with some kind of access database but that wouldn't work for hybrid titles.
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    What I would recommend is that you send links to your colleagues using the DOI and this URL resolver:

    That will resolve the DOI through the Bielefeld open access search engine, which will take them to an open acces version of available and to the main journal page otherwise.

    You could also try:

    To go through Unpaywall.

    Generally, I suggest you advise your colleagues to install the Unpaywall browser extension, which will alert them when they visit an article page that has an open access copy available on the web.
  • Hmm both links don't seem to work?

    Tools like these are great but I just want to be able to see what papers I have are OA. Thanks for your help though, I appreciate it.
  • They don’t work because that’s not a real DOI. Make a real one and it will work.
  • You also have to remove the https, at least for the ones.
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